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I have been working on a custom order that will ship to Mexico City. These are a new version of my old colorful braided chain bracelets. I was commissioned to make 8 as an event gift. They came out great and definitely reflect a lot of my Mexican heritage🙂 Ready to ship.

All custom orders and designs are welcome at all times. Have a great one

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I wrote this post, because I thought many of us could use a break of stressing out about our futures, and how to approach it. Its not going to be easy but it gives you hope to know that you can have a plan.

I was interviewed today by Laura form Latinitas,  Latinitas is a foundation that helps little Latinas to grow up into society with a head start. As I was talking to her about her education and plans, and of course my interview, I realized that it is really hard to grow up in depressed society and community. I really appreciate all that Latinitas does for young women in El Paso. I was able to share some of my life experiences and how I was able to break thru a stereotype that society has encrypted for Hispanic women. I think that the hardest part of becoming successful is to open our eyes to society and culture, to find out how we can fit in. And if there is no mold, you should create your own. I mean it in a sense that society has expectations from us, such as getting a corporate job, following others footsteps, social classes etc. I decided to do what I love the most (my family and art), not worrying about how others would view my life.  Not worrying about money. It is unsettling to mold your own path, but I rather struggle doing what I believe in and what I love than to struggle with corporatism and social expectations. People are always looking for the magic trick or the perfect plan to be happy, and many people mistake happiness with a struggle free life, which ends up making them miserable and unhappy.

The way I see it is: that as humans we are always going to have problems, struggles, challenges, drama and everything involved. But it is our choice, we decide what problems we can have or can handle, we can choose how to struggle and how to approach them.

It sounds so simple, but believe me it takes time and patience.

I have had my fare and share of a bad life for some time. And when you are in a dark place, it is very difficult to see the way out. That is until you realize that you don’t have to be there, but the only one that can get you out is yourself.


I believe that my biggest success in the fact that I am doing what I love and that I am extremely happy doing it. I am happy to be able to make smart choices for me, and my family.

It is important to keep in mind that we only have one life. THIS ONE. You are only going to be your age once. What did you picture yourself doing? Are you doing it yet? What needs to happen in order for you to do it? Is there a way to incorporate it into your current life? And Do it.


Being an artist is challenging and exciting, but definitely not corporate friendly, so I encourage young artist not to get disappointed with society, and to create you own mold, to walk you own path with out fear, because when you do what you believe in, you will always have the courage to keep on, keeping on. To be successful as you are doing it, in the NOW, and not to suffer waiting for future things to come. Become young entrepreneurs and build your own names and brands.  There are many people, young artist and art lovers that will always support you. There are other people like us out there, that are happy to give us a helping hand if we need it, we just need to ask.

I have had the pleasure or working alongside with a very beautiful bride to Be in NY.

Liz asked me to design crystal bracelets for her wedding day. I am honored to be part of her big day, and hopefully remind her of such a joyful event, every time she looks at her bracelet.

THE Liz-Crystal Bracelet Collection :

IMG_0975 IMG_0976 IMG_0977 IMG_0978 IMG_0979 IMG_0980 IMG_0981 IMG_0982

Custom designs and request are always welcome.

I hope everyone likes them Liz. Congrats!🙂

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 Available at Arlette Accessories Boutqie at

IMG_0879 IMG_0896 IMG_0897

As my creativity evolves, so does my jewelry line. I have been working hard in getting new materials and new ideas. My ideal piece of jewelry is something that is flattering and soft at the same time. I like big statements but I like subtlety too. So for this months collection I decided to combine all of those characteristics into my work. I am very happy with the end result of the collection. This is just a sneak peak at the entire line. I hope you like it too.

This line of work will be available on Tuesday May 14 at Arlette Accessories Boutique at 501 Texas Ave El Paso TX and online at

What so you think. I personally loved it and will continue to evolve my line🙂

Martha Renova

Designers Profile

Martha Renova

Martha Pic





Regalos con Significado Religioso

Martha is from the center of the Mexican Republic where Religion and esoteric culture collide. That is how she got involved in the Art and Designs of religious and esoteric amulets. Completely handmade and personalized for authentic protection. Her inspirations come from religion and artisanal lucky charms.


Her most popular items are: amulets and religious and esoteric bracelets.

Martha has her art pieces in Arlette Accessories Boutique at 501 Texas Ave El Paso TX and you can follow her latest creations on Facebook: Regalos con Significado Religioso.


Thank you so much for sharing a little bit of your designs Martha


Dina Edens

Whatever you can imagine, the universe can deliver❤

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Designers Profile

Diana Bustamante

diana goat soap diana jabon de coco diana dead sea soap

diana jabon de rosas


Rustico Natural


I was lucky to have found Diana’s creations. Diana makes wonderful natural beauty products for those of us that will only treat our bodies with natural resources.

I personally have different issues and problems with my hair, nails and skin.

Her products are a great natural alternative to heal our bodies and to maintain them at the best that they can be. She has many different soaps, lotions and hair products that are awesome. Her most popular items are the Artisian Soap Bars, Natural Lotions and Lip Balms.

She currently has her natural line Rustico Natural at Arlette Accessoires Boutique located at 501 Texas Ave El Paso TX and online store at


I asked her about her inspirations and who she was able to create her great venue :


She is inspired by Mother Nature.

Diana has experienced some tough issues with her skin and hair as well as many of us girls, and She was determined to find a line of products that satisfied her problems; But being disappointed on not finding any good reliable natural products she decided to come up with her own creations with the natural resources and herbs knowledge that was passes on to her by her family. She was able to create a product that met her needs and were completely natural for her body. Upon her great breakthrough and noticing that her products worked wonders on her, she decided to share it with the world.


Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Diana.

If you are looking for natural beauty products, go to Diana’s Etsy shop or Arlette Accessories Boutique. They are great products that I personally use and love.


Dina Edens

Whatever you can imagine, the universe can deliver.


Designer Profile

nenas pic

Lorena Williams

Nena’s Art and Design

Lorena Williams is a wonderful Local El Paso Designer.

She was awarded the El Paso Downtown Market Artist for the Month of February of this year, her artisanal and eclectic style are very appealing and nostalgic to the local area and all those who appreciate Mexican art. Lorena is inspired by her culture, She has a great love for Frida Kahlo and her most popular pieces portray the great Mexican Artist.

Nena’s Art and Designs are available at different art venues thru out the region at El Paso Collectibles, Arlette Accessories Boutique (501 Texas Ave. EL Paso TX), Galeria Azul (Mesilla), The Mercantile (San Elizario), The El Paso Downtown Market and online on

I asked Lorena to give as a little peek of her life and this is what she gladly shared with us:

Graduated from UTEP with a BA in Art. Started my Business in 2009 and quickly began selling at different galleries and boutiques.

I enjoy creating at my home studio and getting out to sell at a variety of art venues

I am looking forward to see what the future holds for me and my jewelry business.

You can enjoy her arts and designs at and follow her new creations at


Thank you for sharing with us Lorena❤

Dina Edens

whatever you can imagine, the universe can deliver

nenas frida necklace nenas blue earrings nenas art work

Sandra Arlette Morales

Arlette pic

I am very honored and happy to share a great designer of Todays Era.

She is fun and bold, and she is also a very kind and good friend. She has been recognized by El Paso Downtown business Profile among others as a Great Designer and Business Owner. She owns her own boutique where everything is handmade and one of a kind, She creates wonderful bold pieces of jewelry and also has a fun line of gifts, cards, personalized everything, coasters, wedding favors, and more.

I have the pleasure to be a part of her boutique where other local designers also display their pieces.

I asked her to give us a little bit of insight on her artistic and design history and she was happy to share a little bit of her life with us:

Sandra Arlette Morales

Arlette Accessories Boutique designer and Owner

Arlette’s Mini Bio

I have been very creative since I was a little girl.

My learning has always been visual, and without any training or classes, Its how I was able to teach myself everything I know about art and design.

I like to make unique pieces because every person is different and everyone has a unique style.

After graduating from International Business I decided to follow my passion and I opened my own Boutique!!

My most popular pieces are my bold, colorful and one of a kind statement Necklaces.

Arlette Accessories Boutique is located at 501 Texas Ave. EL Paso TX 79901

Online sites:

Arlette Colorful Neckpiece Arlette Orange necklace

Arlette blue necklaceDina Edens

whatever you can imagine, the universe can deliver.
Arlette Gold Neckpiece Arlette Gold Pieces

IMG_0806 IMG_0804IMG_0812 IMG_0810 IMG_0809 IMG_0808 IMG_0813 IMG_0814 IMG_0815 IMG_0816 IMG_0825

I have just finished all of the Lace Bracelets for Liz, they are nicely packaged in little envelopes with a pink lace knot.

The work-process for these bracelets was very delicate and tedious, they are very elegant and are a great way to tell your friends you appreciate them. They are like the grown up version of todays friendship bracelets, I think they are great.

Sent all the way to NY. I hope everyone enjoys them, And if you want to comment on them please do so🙂 Tell me how much you liked yours❤

If you would like to order some, go to

Have a great day.



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